Updates on My Pregnancy

Yesterday, I had my prenatal check-up again. My blood pressure was a bit high so today, I have to go back again to the clinic/hospital for further tests (like urine and blood tests).

During my first pregnancy, my blood pressure also shot up during the last few weeks of my pregnancy. With this one, it seems like it’s the same story. I’ve been monitoring my BP since we came home from the clinic yesterday and it was still high. The highest reading I got was 180/109 but now it ranges in the higher 140’s/90’s.

I hope everything will be fine. I’ll be trying VBAC or Vaginal birth after caesarean (which is the practice of delivering a baby vaginally or naturally after a previous baby has been delivered through caesarean section or surgically). I hope, I don’t need to undergo CS again….


  1. Janice Wyatt says

    Sheryl, so sorry to hear of your bp issues. 180 is awfully high, and very scary. Take it easy, and do keep an eye on it.
    Here’s to an easy delivery, and a successful VBAC!

    • says

      thanks Janice. yeah, scary indeed. i underwent a fetal non-stress test yesterday and will be doing some more lab tests today. regards to jeff and the kids… belated happy birthday as well..

  2. says

    Hi Sheryl. I do hope you can deliver vaginally. I know some who were successful with that but the gap between births was long – 3-4 years. Praying your BP will be manageable. God bless.

    • says

      thanks chin… there’s no problem with the gap between the two pregnancies… it’s just my BP that’s becoming a cause of concern right now .. :-(


    • says

      my BP’s becoming elevated sis.. same thing happened during my first pregnancy. hope all will be well nga talaga… thanks and regards!