Borrowing from the Library


I love books! How about you? When I was growing up, the internet was just in the early stages of development so I was exposed to reading books and doing my research in the library of physical books. I remember rewarding myself after every major exams in college by buying a pocketbook from authors … [Read more...]

Three Reasons to Buy Gold


When people invest their money, they often focus on buying stocks or bonds. Usually when one rises the other falls, so people think they are creating diversification in their portfolio. Although there is some truth to this, there are three reasons to consider adding gold to your investment … [Read more...]

I Was in a Car Accident Last Friday

van accident

Good news, bad news! The bad news: I was involved in a car accident last week! The good: I am glad that it was a minor one - just a scrape and all the passengers were safe. I was driving our mini-van in the center lane of a three-lane street when a blue Ford Focus car at the lane on my left … [Read more...]