Refrigerant Disposal

HVAC, auto, refrigerator repair and RV companies work with refrigerants. Federal regulations are strict about which refrigerants can and cannot be used. Older, outdated refrigerants must be collected using specialized equipment before new and approved refrigerants can be installed. Once collected, … [Read more...]

New Trends in Kitchen Remodeling


There are several trends that people are turning to for kitchen remodeling in Los Angeles. A new trend that is reminiscent of the past is white cabinets and stainless steel appliances. However, there are many styles that are taking to incorporating other features in the kitchen as more people are … [Read more...]

Fit for We Mommy & Me Refillable Tritan Water Bottles for Mommy and Kids – Product Review

water bottle

I am not a fan of bottled water – those that are packaged in plastic or glass - because they usually end up in the waste stream in landfills, cause more energy to recycle, and negatively impact the environment. At home, I use refillable water bottles and glasses, after making sure they are BPA free. … [Read more...]