Yakult at a Bargain!

yakult probiotic drink

Have you tried Yakult? I love this drink. This morning, I saw a vendor who was selling this Yakult (5ct) for only Php 40.00 (which is less than $1). In the USA, a pack of this costs at least $3 (including tax). I was so happy with the "bargain" that I ended up buying 5 packs! Other … [Read more...]

My Father’s Bicycle


Can you pinpoint what is wrong amusing in this picture? This is my father's bicycle. Does it work? If you mean to ask "does your dad ride this bicycle?" - yes, he does. Without the motorcycle gas tank, of course! #justforlaughs Anyway, speaking of my dad, he wants a new student … [Read more...]

Tricks for Making the Most Out of Winter

A lot of people dread the bleak winter months: the days are shorter, the weather’s colder and the world seems a little bit darker. You don’t have to worry about the impending doom of late November, though - instead, follow these tricks for making the most of the coldest time of the year. 1. Don’t … [Read more...]

Ceelin Plus Review

ceelin plus nutritional supplement

I had the privilege of receiving 15 bottles of 10mL of Ceelin Plus from Unilab for free in exchange for an honest review here on my site. Ceelin Plus Ceelin Plus is a yellow-colored, apple-flavored nutritional supplement that contains 100 mg of Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and 10mg elemental Zinc … [Read more...]