My Baby’s Dollar Guitar

toy guitar

Ah, the joy of childhood! My youngest daughter, Gesh, recently found a toy guitar from the 99Cents Store. It was love at first sight and she refused to leave the store without her precious one-dollar guitar. Whenever I play our (real) guitar at home, Gesh would try to pull (instead of … [Read more...]

Book Review: Along Came You

Along Came You is a board book that was written by Karona Drummond and illustrated by Estelle Corke. It was written from a perspective of a mother who tells her daughter what changed in her life after her daughter was born. The color scheme used and illustrations in the book imply that the author … [Read more...]

Time for Laughs: Craziest Man Ever!

Feeling down? Whenever I need something to pick me up, I go to my Facebook wall. I noticed that my FB wall can be a great source of interesting videos, pictures and stories that lightens my mood. Here is one video that made me laugh today. This guy is probably the craziest man ever. I wouldn't … [Read more...]

Waterford is a Wedding Classic

Looking for a wedding gift, but just not sure what to get the happy couple? If your friends have not listed their wishes in a bridal registry, you may be unsure of what to get them. You want to get them something they will love and use. You want to give them something personal, that you have chosen … [Read more...]

Transformation at Your Fingertips

Have you lived with the same furniture, window treatments, and accent pieces for so long that you no longer even notice them? Over time, the upholstery, window fabric and even the accent pillows on the sofa become a visual blur that does not generate excitement or contribute to the attractiveness of … [Read more...]