Do Softdrinks Make You Fat?

Two years after giving birth, I'm still nowhere near my pre-pregnancy body. I managed to lose weight already (thanks to exercise and diet) but I'm still a bit flabby. I'm not actually keen in losing some weight - just the flabs because I want the trimmer and leaner version of me back. A friend … [Read more...]

I’m So Blessed and Lucky!

It's been a while since I last worked in a corporate setting. I resigned from my job as the chief finance officer of a multi-national company in the shipping industry before getting married in 2008 and I've been busy "working" as a stay at home wife and mother ever since. I'm so lucky to find a … [Read more...]

The Joke’s Not on Me

Do you (or somebody you know) have a receding hairline? I mentioned this because earlier today, we went to Walmart to shop for some stuff. We were at the vegetables section when a toddler who's about a year older than Georyl became fussy and wanted his dad to take him out of the cart (the ones … [Read more...]

Bon Voyage Amber!

Do you know some Calgary apartments that are for rent? Not for us, but our friend, Amber. We recently attended a despedida party (or a going-away party) for our family friend, Amber. She's been assigned to her company's branch office in the city of Calgary in Alberta, Canada and I had mixed … [Read more...]