Driving in Vegas

Yes, I can now drive here in Las Vegas! I had put off taking a driving permit for quite some time because I'm afraid that I'll not pass the written test. Yesterday, we went to the DMV to get an ID but when the staff was surprised to know that I had never applied for a US driver's license (at my … [Read more...]

Nurses Overload

A lot of people say that's there a shortage of nurses right now and it's a high paying job. Some parents even push their children to take up nursing instead of other courses because they think that it's a great course and the opportunities will be endless. Everyone wanted to be a nurse so it … [Read more...]

Dens Online Tweaks

dens online

Today I finally found the time to tweak my mother's blog, Dens Online. This design is from a freebie template from Grace's blog, Dress Up Your Blogs. Here's the not-so finished product (coz I still have to add some widgets): I edited the header to incorporate my mother's picture in the … [Read more...]

Max on Life By Max Lucado

We all have questions in life - some are child-like, some are heavy ones. In the book, Max on Life: Answers and Insights to Your Most Important Questions, Max Lucado compiled and answered more than 170 out of thousands of questions that were asked from him during his twenty five years of writing and … [Read more...]

Who Says By Selena Gomez

Who says, who says you're not perfect? The song "Who Says" by Selena has been playing over the airwaves for quite some time but I only listened (as in, really listened) to the lyrics only a few weeks ago. I could have featured it in Music Monday last week but opted for The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars … [Read more...]

My June 2011 Resolution: Daily Tae Bo

taebo by billy banks

Summer 2011 will officially start on June 21st here in the US - and it's time to take out my summer clothes from the storage and keep my winter clothes (I'm keeping only two seasons of clothes in my closet to make it more spacious). The short pants with garterized waistband fit me comfortably but … [Read more...]