My June 2011 Resolution: Daily Tae Bo

taebo by billy banks

Summer 2011 will officially start on June 21st here in the US - and it's time to take out my summer clothes from the storage and keep my winter clothes (I'm keeping only two seasons of clothes in my closet to make it more spacious). The short pants with garterized waistband fit me comfortably but … [Read more...]

The Lazy Song

"Rainy days and Mondays always get me down." Is that so you? If you're tired of that Monday routine of going back to work, you're probably humming this tune: "Today I don't feel like doing anything I just wanna lay in my bed Don't feel like picking up the phone, So leave the message at the … [Read more...]

Shah and She

sheryl and shahlah

I can't remember when exactly these pictures were taken but I'm sure that the camera phone that I used to take these had such low quality. LOL! The above is a picture collage of Shahlah and me. Shah is my younger cousin! She's a bit chubby here and I wonder how she'll react when she sees the … [Read more...]

Lucky Blogger Giveaway is Up

Techie She Lucky Blogger Giveaways Week 1 is up! Be one of the five early birds and get an extra point for the drawing. The prize up for grabs for week 1 is one year free blog hosting. First week actually covers June 1 to 7 but I already published the post in order to promote it earlier. Hope … [Read more...]

An Orange Tuesday at Disney


Orange is not one of my favorite colors and it's no wonder why looking for my entry to the meme, Orange Tuesdays, was a bit hard for me. After spending quite a long time searching, I finally found this picture. Yes! Look how orange-y the design and the puppet looked: This puppet is one of … [Read more...]