My First Long Drive

Last June, I already got a driver's instruction permit from the state of Nevada but I only got a taste of my first long distance drive about two weeks ago. This happened when we had an out of town summer escapade at the Cottonwood Cove Resort and Marina which is actually a part of Lake Mohave. This … [Read more...]

Do Facebook Photo Tags Irritate You?

Don't you just get irritated when you get tagged in pictures in Facebook for photos that don't belong to you? I do. It's annoying to see a picture of a product in your profile especially if you don't use or plan to use it. Because of my post yesterday about fats and everything, one of my Facebook … [Read more...]

I’m Gaining Momentum on the Bulge Battle

Two months ago, I mentioned about my struggle to lose the bulges around my waist. For a while, I thought I'll be in the market for plus size dresses. That would have been a problem because it would be hard to look for a plus size dress for a petite lady like me. It was easier when I was still in the … [Read more...]

A Deal That Went Pffffft

Remember my post about Our First Fourplex House? I thought that the deal's gonna close during the first week of August but something went wrong. The fourplex's appraisal price was almost $33,000 less than our purchase price. Even though the seller was willing to decrease it's price by $10,000 … [Read more...]

Another PR Update!!!

google page rank

The Great Mr. G (Google) has again released an update of page ranks of various sites and if you're a blogger, better check your site's page rank to see how it affected you. Bad News, Good News on Page Ranks of my Sites Alright, let's start with the bad news. My Chika Bits site was demoted to PR2 … [Read more...]

Our Summer Refuge

swimming father and daughter

Since the start of summer, it has become so hot here in Vegas. The temperature even has reached 110 degrees F (although it's still below the record high temperature of 117 degrees F) and going out at mid-day is a terrible mistake because you'll feel the full effect of the sun's scorching heat which … [Read more...]

GEORYL’s July Top Commentators

How fast time flies. It's already the first day of August and just a few more sleeps to go and it's already the BER months! Wow. Anyway, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who dropped by my blog and inspired me to share our stories and daily escapades. Special mention goes to … [Read more...]