Mount Rushmore Trivia

side view of mount rushmore

Remember my posts about Mount Rushmore - the one regarding our visit and the other on the fifth Mount Rushmore face? Well, I have a follow up post on those but this time, what I'll be sharing with you is the view from the side of the Mount Rushmore and some trivia: A little bit closer this … [Read more...]

Resurrecting Bloggista Info Corner

Bloggista Info Corner is one of my earliest blogs and the first one that get me started with real blogging (as opposed to just creating an online diary). With this blog, I met and began socializing with various people in the blogosphere, learned about bloghopping, adgitizing and EC dropping. In … [Read more...]

Online Studies, Anyone?

Has anyone of you ever studied online? If you did, how do you compare getting a degree online to getting it in the traditional way of attending classes in the university? Did it have any impact on your income opportunities or job applications? I am thinking of getting an online course right now to … [Read more...]

A Dentist’s Outrageous New Rule

it's outrageous!

The other day, my sister-in-law accompanied her children to the dentist then went home a bit pissed. She said that she set the appointment for her daughter and son's next dental checkup six months from now but she was told that their clinic have a new rule that patients from one family can't be … [Read more...]

Visiting the Beast’s Castle

beast in beauty and the beast

Do you think that the man in the picture is handsome? He is the beast from the animated fantasy film Beauty and the Beast that was produced in 1991 by Walt Disney Animation Studios. It's one of my favorite movies from Walt Disney (along with Aladdin, Mulan and Little Mermaid) and had watched it … [Read more...]

The One-Day Way by Chantel Hobbs

Please help me get a chance to review another book by rating this current review, thanks! I've been mentioning about my struggle to become fit and slim over and over on this site and I was so glad to finally had the chance to review a book that covers that subject of losing weight. The … [Read more...]