Investing in Real Estate

It was only last November when we finally closed a transaction on purchasing one property here in Las Vegas but do you know that we have never stopped looking for another good deal in the real estate market? We believe that this is still a good time to buy properties because the prices are still … [Read more...]

Time for Gifts!

It's just a few weeks before Christmas! If your Christmas list is still not finished at this time, you better try to finish buying everything on the list before the holiday season and all the parties start on full-swing. By that time, you'll find it harder to find time to work on your … [Read more...]

Looking for Tenants

One of the tenants in our recently bought unit here in Las Vegas will be leaving soon and we're thinking of the best and fastest way of getting a new tenant. We're thinking of whether we should just hire an advertising agency, advertise the vacancy in the internet and newspapers ourselves or rely … [Read more...]

So Tired But Excited

My body's achin' all over! Last night, I wasn't able to sleep until the wee hours of the morning even if I was so tired. We went to the house yesterday to clean the unit where we intended to stay. When we went there, the electricity was already cut so I went on all fours to scrub and mop the … [Read more...]

I Almost Forgot My Christmas List

Hubby and I were stationed in Morocco for three years. During that time, we were not worrying much about exchange gifts. Now that we're back in the mainland and our relatives are just near, gift-giving and/or exchanging gifts cannot be avoided. As I mentioned in my previous post, I wasn't able to … [Read more...]

Do You Need Eyeglasses?


This post brought to you by Zenni Optical. All opinions are 100% mine. Recently, I visited the website of Zenni to look for some eyeglasses. Guess what I found out? You'll be surprised to know that at their website, the price range of their products are from $6 to $46. Imagine … [Read more...]

We Got the Fourplex!

fourplex sold

Remember the fourplex that I wrote about earlier this month? Well, got some good news, we already closed on the transaction before Thanksgiving day. We're now proud owners of a fourplex unit here in Las Vegas (ooppps, we have a 30 year mortgage on it so don't think we're rich)! Anyway, there were … [Read more...]