Get a Free Ad Just By Guessing

Hello everyone! How's everything? Lately, I've not been feeling well. I feel like a yomega yoyo (actually the term should have been "like in a roller coaster ride" but since it's not as dramatic as the latter, I chose to compare what I felt with a yoyo, wink!). Sometimes I am energetic and on the … [Read more...]

Is It Time To Invest?

Have you heard the news? I've read from Bloomberg that the Federal Reserve plans to keep U.S. interest rates near a record-low (they even pledged to extend near-zero interest rates through mid-2013). That's a great news for investors. People can borrow money at low interest rates and invest in … [Read more...]

Hubby Loves Traveling

tomtom gps

My hubby loves traveling. Last year, we spent a few weeks on the road - driving from state to state. The last time we went driving, we just used our van. Although it's enough for us already, hubby plans to get some RV someday because he intends to travel frequently and make our state to state … [Read more...]

Judge Judy

This is a guest post written by SAHWM One of those shows that I really like if I am at home in the middle of the day is Judge Judy. I really like this lady because she is a straight shooter. No beating around the bush for her. She tells you exactly like it is and exactly how she sees it at all … [Read more...]

How To Pose Like GEORYL

how to pose like a baby

My baby loves seeing her pictures whenever I use the computer. There are times when I can't even go online because she insists on viewing her videos and pictures. It was a good thing that I created GEETUBE page because she allows me to do some bloghopping on another frame as long as GeeTube is … [Read more...]