Real Estate Agent

Being a real estate agent means you’ve got to know more than just houses. Of course, a big part of the job is knowing about square footage and hot water heaters and whether or not wood siding rots but at the end of the day it’s the whole package you’re selling people. I had to learn the hard way … [Read more...]

Bathing Our Newborn

We finally gave baby Geshery her first bath yesterday after her umbilical cord's stump already fell off. Honestly, until now, I'm still a bit scared of holding such fragile little babies so hubby took charge of giving our daughter a bath while I just took a video. Of course, there's a very excited … [Read more...]

No Time for a Blogging Break

I am one busy blogger - just no time for a blogging break. If you have just visited my blog, you probably won't believe that I am one busy blogger. I don't post daily on this blog but my! you probably are not aware that even though I already sold three of my blogs recently, I still am maintaining … [Read more...]

My Erratic BP

I'm so glad that my blood pressure is becoming stable right now. When I went to the follow-up check up to have my BP checked last weekend, I was so anxious that I might be admitted again because the first reading was 131/94 then it became 138/96. During those times, I was just alone in the room … [Read more...]

Try Thesis Theme 2.0 Risk-Free!

Have you heard the latest news about Thesis Themes? Recently, the people behind this powerful Wordpress theme had released the Thesis Theme 2.0, and boy! I can't wait to try it in this blog. According to the DIY Themes website, Thesis Theme 2.0 will make your WordPress website load faster, rank … [Read more...]

Was Back to the Hospital

Just some updates... Less than a week after giving birth via CS, I was again admitted at the hospital because my gestational hypertension was getting out of hand. I had BP readings of 180/110+s and I had to undergo some treatment to bring my blood pressure down to manageable levels. After my … [Read more...]


I finally gave birth to another cutie princess but it was via CS and not VBAC as I intended. I developed gestational hypertension and the doctors said that it will be more beneficial for the baby to be out soon via cesarean operation since my womb is no longer a safe place for her and the risks are … [Read more...]

Flash Cards for Georyl

It's been weeks since I bought some 4x6 index cards so that I can make some flash cards for my little one but it was only yesterday that I finally started printing out some flash cards for Georyl. It's a good thing that there are lots of printable flash cards and worksheets online but I had a hard … [Read more...]