Looking Forward to a Great and Wonderful New Year


We still haven't transferred to the unit that we need to occupy in the fourplex that we bought recently. For one, we're still not through with the renovations that we wanted (I mean, the contractor that we hired) so the unit is not ready for us yet. Next, we've been busy during all the holidays and … [Read more...]

Nopalea Drink

Do you or someone you know suffer from muscle, joint and body, respiratory, arterial, digestive tract widespread body cell inflammation and its related health problems? Well, there's this tasty wellness drink called Nopalea (No-pah lay’uh) which is sourced from the fruit of the Nopal cactus … [Read more...]

Reality TV

Guest post written by Christine Duncan I love watching TV, probably too much, but is that the worst thing in the world? I went to http://www.giveadish.com/ to get extra channels and now I can say that TV is literally my biggest hobby – I just get a kick out of relaxing on the couch watching … [Read more...]

A Post-Christmas Post

Hey everyone! How was your Christmas celebration? Did you receive lots of gifts? Well, I did. After living overseas and away from my relatives and friends for three years while we were still in Morocco, I finally remembered why it's nice to live near families, relatives and friends - you get … [Read more...]

GEORYL’s Christmas Giveaway Winners

Merry Christmas everyone! I'll make this a short and sweet announcement of all winners in the recently concluded GEORYL's Christmas Giveaway. The following is the list of all winners which you can see in the actual Rafflecopter widget here. Congratulations to the following winners: $100 … [Read more...]

Busy Week Before Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! These past few days had been so hectic and so a break to celebrate Christmas with our families and relatives is very much welcome! We have been busy cleaning and renovating the fourplex that we bought. To save on labor costs (you know how expensive that can be here in … [Read more...]

Have a Festive Christmas


Santa Claus is coming to town! In a few days, that is. This Saturday evening or on the wee hours of the morning of Sunday, be on the lookout for a big fat man wearing a red suit. If you've been nice all year round, you'll probably get some goodies and gifts. Now, bad ones get the coal, … [Read more...]