Silly Baby!

happy baby eating french fries

"Silly daddy!" The first time I've heard that line from Georyl, I was surprised. For one, that's a word that we don't usually use and then the other reason is that we talk in "tagalog" (a language in the Philippines) when at home. Plus, she told it to her dad while hubby is making faces to make … [Read more...]

Why Invest in Real Estate?


Have you ever thought of investing in real estate? My husband and I are both tired of the 8-to-5 work schedule and had already retired from the workforce since last year. It has been our goal to invest in real estate so that we will earn income without working our butts off. Our timing are … [Read more...]

Looking Forward to a Great and Wonderful New Year


We still haven't transferred to the unit that we need to occupy in the fourplex that we bought recently. For one, we're still not through with the renovations that we wanted (I mean, the contractor that we hired) so the unit is not ready for us yet. Next, we've been busy during all the holidays and … [Read more...]

Nopalea Drink

Do you or someone you know suffer from muscle, joint and body, respiratory, arterial, digestive tract widespread body cell inflammation and its related health problems? Well, there's this tasty wellness drink called Nopalea (No-pah lay’uh) which is sourced from the fruit of the Nopal cactus … [Read more...]

Reality TV

Guest post written by Christine Duncan I love watching TV, probably too much, but is that the worst thing in the world? I went to to get extra channels and now I can say that TV is literally my biggest hobby – I just get a kick out of relaxing on the couch watching … [Read more...]