Sister Sister WHO!?


Has anybody else been watching that Tia and Tamera show? You know the girls that used to star in that corny sitcom Sister Sister, well they have their own reality show now and it’s totally fascinating. I got satellite tv family channels last month and it comes on Style or something like that and … [Read more...]

Do You Buy Online?

Aside from window shopping in the malls, I also like (window) shopping online. I feel that it's much easier to save when buying online. First, doing comparative shopping is a breeze because you can easily compare prices by browsing the catalog of different merchants even at the same time. If ever I … [Read more...]

Window Shopping Galore

I wonder if there's a phrase, "window shopaholic?" If so, then it probably describes me. I used to think that I'm an impulsive buyer because when I visit stores before, I ended up buying things that I don't need. It excites me to look at new stuff in the malls and back then, I'll immediately buy … [Read more...]

My First Long Drive

Last June, I already got a driver's instruction permit from the state of Nevada but I only got a taste of my first long distance drive about two weeks ago. This happened when we had an out of town summer escapade at the Cottonwood Cove Resort and Marina which is actually a part of Lake Mohave. This … [Read more...]