An Overdue Apology to My Readers


Hello everyone! How are you doing? Lately, I haven't been feeling well. The only time I am really forced to go online and make a post is when I receive offers from advertisers. Needless to say, in my recent posts, I was not really being myself. I apologize to you, my readers and friends, for … [Read more...]

Buy 2, Get 1 Free at Zenni

zenni optical eyeglasses promo

Hey guys! Do you know that Zenni Optical is currently running a promo on all their eyeglasses? The biggest promotion in Zenni Optical's history, the "Buy 2 pairs get the 3rd pair free (equal or less value) promotion" is a must-see. This is a limited time offer as well so if you're thinking of … [Read more...]

Accessing Records From Home

Post contributed by Leonard Phelps Luckily, I can use my clear internet now to do work from home on the weekends and not have to go in to pull charts. Our lab recently switched over to a secure computer system for records that we can access from home. I have to call participants in our study … [Read more...]

Our Stuff From Morocco Already Arrived

We're finally getting settled into our new home. Our stuff from Morocco arrived today and there were 71 boxes that were delivered this morning. I can't recall having so many stuff from there but you read it right: 71 boxes. Anyway, I still haven't finished unpacking everything but each box I … [Read more...]

Vanity Plates for Semi Trucks and Cars

A lot of Las Vegan driver use vanity plates. My husband and I would usually try to outdo each other in trying to translate those code-like plates to words such as "registered nurse," "poker player," "back off," "war veteran," "i'm cool" and others whenever we see those cars with vanity … [Read more...]

A Great Resume is Important

Life has been hectic these past few days and for some health reasons, I had to avoid prolonged exposure to the computer for a while. With eight blogs to manage (all with page ranks), this is a no-no or else, I'll be in the danger of losing all those PRs. And so off I went to scour the internet … [Read more...]