Vision Changes During Pregnancy

I thought I needed a new pair of eyeglasses because lately, I'm having some blurred vision. There are times that I feel that it's because the eyeglasses that I am currently using does not fit my eye grade anymore. I dropped by the clinic to get a new prescription but I was advised to wait until I … [Read more...]

Hawaiian Dreams

hawaii sunset

My husband and I were watching Hawaii Five O last night, a tv show set in Hawaii and I marveled at how picturesque some of the places looked. My husband was stationed in Hawaii for more than three years and he mentioned that it is indeed full of breathtaking views. One of the places that he was … [Read more...]

Sushi Overload


Guess what we had during my recent birthday celebration? Some sushi overload! My relatives and friends are not here with me and I spent my birthday with my husband's sister and her family. Just a simple get-together with lots of sushi. My husband initially thought of an eat-all-you-can night … [Read more...]

The Nopalea Wellness Drink

nopalea wellness drink

Do you (or someone you know) suffer from muscle, joint and body, respiratory, arterial, digestive tract widespread body cell inflammation and its related health problems? I've heard of a tasty wellness drink called Nopalea which came from the fruit of the Nopal cactus (Opuntia Ficus Indica). It … [Read more...]

A Gift For All Occasions

flowers roses

Are you thinking of buying a gift but are running out of ideas? I know of something that will fit any occasion. Whether it's for a birthday, anniversary, new baby, sympathy or funeral; for your mother, wife, loved-one, colleague, teacher or friend; or to say "thank you", "get well soon", "i love … [Read more...]