Free Blogger Opportunity: Awesome 2013 NeuYear Calendar Giveaway

free blogger opportunity giveaway

GEORYL will be hosting the Awesome 2013 NeuYear Calendar Giveaway on December 17 to 31, 2012. Bloggers are invited to co-host this giveaway on their blogs in exchange for a Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest link on the Rafflecopter. As a co-host, you need to post the giveaway code/mechanics on your … [Read more...]

Georyl and Geshery

georyl and geshery

It's been a while since I promised that I'll be posting some pics of Geshery soon but I got lazy to download the pics from our camera. Yeah, I know it will just take a few minutes or so to do that but, well, I'm lazy. :p Anyway, it was good that my mom already shared the pictures that were taken … [Read more...]

Preparing Your Toddler for the Excitement of Christmas

christmas and toddler

The holidays are an exciting time for everyone, but this time of year is particularly special for small children. With proper planning and a little creativity, you can ensure that the holiday season is enjoyable and low stress for your entire family. Creating Family Traditions Family … [Read more...]