Wanna Play Without Losing Real Money?

leisure and gaming in Las Vegas

What comes first to your mind when you think of Las Vegas? Some people associate Las Vegas with partying, gambling or fun. Others are reminded of the famous slogan about Las Vegas which is "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!" Some of my friends think that just because I now live in Vegas, … [Read more...]

Just a Random Picture

Legoland California entrance

Today, I was browsing some pictures stored in my laptop when I chanced upon this picture that was taken exactly a year before. This is a picture that I took of the entrance of the Legoland California when we visited it last year. Wow, I can't believe how time flies! I can't believe that it's … [Read more...]

No Football or B-Dubs?

This post brought to you by Buffalo Wild Wings. All opinions are 100% mine. I'm not much of a football fanatic. Hubby, although he's more of a tennis fan, is the one who is into football. I do enjoy watching a good game once in a while though. Now that it's football season again, for sure … [Read more...]

You’ll Always Be in My Heart, Lola!

my grandmother and i

A sad news arrived yesterday while I was cooking our lunch. My cousin from Texas asked me to call home to the Philippines but she won't tell me why. Based on her voice, I knew whatever the reason, it's not something good. When I called home, my mother refused to talk to me at first and instead … [Read more...]

Apartment for Rent in Las Vegas

fourplex rental property

Are you looking for an apartment in Las Vegas? Next month, one of the units in our fourplex property will be available for rent. The unit is located in the second floor with two bedrooms and two baths. Water, garbage and sewer fees are free or waived. The requirements? Well, we believe that … [Read more...]

Aunt Leony’s Visit

Last week, my hubby's aunt who lives in Indianapolis visited us and stayed with us for a week. Despite my bulging tummy, I'm so glad that I was still able to keep up with the whirlwind of activities during Aunt Leony's vacation here in Las Vegas. We visited the Las Vegas Strip a couple of times … [Read more...]

Still Preggy!

Thanks to all my FB and blogger friends for checking on me for not being able to post for more than a week now. I'm still very much preggy and Georyl's little sister still wants to stay a little bit longer in the comfort of her mom's womb (that's me, of course!). What's keeping me busy? Well, … [Read more...]

Belated Retirement Greetings

US Navy

I can't believe that it's been more than a year since my husband retired from the service. I've always wanted to give him something special as a way to celebrate his retirement but I wanted to buy something from my own income - and for a stay at home wife and mother, it's not that easy. Last … [Read more...]