The Importance of Process Servers

I'm loving the fact that I am in Las Vegas because people from other places come in anticipation of the big events (parties, fireworks and good time) here. During the holidays, there's a bigger probability that these tourists include some of our friends and relatives who are just waiting for the … [Read more...]

Happy New Year!

Happy new year everyone! May this year bring us more blessings, joy, love, good health, inner peace and success! I love new year's day - probably because it somehow represents a new beginning. It's like starting anew and having the chance to do the things I wasn't able to do last year and to … [Read more...]

Christmas at Our House

Christmas in our house is a big deal. We wee born and raised in the Philippines so even if we are already living here in the USA, we still consider Christmas as the most special holiday of the year. I'd like to share with you a song by Jose Mari Chan. It is entitled Christmas in Our Hearts and it … [Read more...]

Concerns of a Webmaster

If you're a blogger or webmaster, do you often get those emails from people who claim to help your site reach that coveted number one spot in Google and other search engines? It can be from a comment left on one of your post or an email sent through your site's contact form. How do you deal with … [Read more...]

My Biker Dad

biker and nature

I was checking on my Facebook feeds earlier and I saw this image among my Dad's Facebook photos: My father started joining a group of mountain bikers about two years ago and he's loving it! Aside from the health benefits of biking, it helps him unwind and explore nature too. My parents live … [Read more...]