Our Stuff From Morocco Already Arrived

We're finally getting settled into our new home. Our stuff from Morocco arrived today and there were 71 boxes that were delivered this morning. I can't recall having so many stuff from there but you read it right: 71 boxes. Anyway, I still haven't finished unpacking everything but each box I … [Read more...]

Vanity Plates for Semi Trucks and Cars

A lot of Las Vegan driver use vanity plates. My husband and I would usually try to outdo each other in trying to translate those code-like plates to words such as "registered nurse," "poker player," "back off," "war veteran," "i'm cool" and others whenever we see those cars with vanity … [Read more...]

A Great Resume is Important

Life has been hectic these past few days and for some health reasons, I had to avoid prolonged exposure to the computer for a while. With eight blogs to manage (all with page ranks), this is a no-no or else, I'll be in the danger of losing all those PRs. And so off I went to scour the internet … [Read more...]

Online Help for Students

Recently, my cousin posted this as the status on her Facebook: "Assignments again?!!! Need HELP!" Are your children or somebody you know needs some help with their assignments too? Tutor perhaps? I think today's generation of students are luckier than their predecessors because they could get … [Read more...]

Curious Georyl

blue and gold macaw

Georyl is getting curious with animals and pets. The other day, she was very excited while looking at the fishes in an aquarium at the restaurant where we ate. Today, she had a great time looking at the birds in the bird cages at a pet store that we visited. Actually, hubby and I went to the … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Surprise

Happy valentine's day! How was your valentine's day celebration? Me, I just received a wonderful gift. No, it's not an i pad or any new expensive gadgets. This valentine's day, my husband and I received a wonderful gift: a laboratory test results confirming what I've been thinking for sometime … [Read more...]