My Renewed Passion For Reading

Have you noticed that I have been sharing more book reviews recently? Well, that's because one of my not-too-late (started only in February) new year's resolutions is to read more - books, news articles, magazines - anything that will stimulate my mind, teach me new things and make me become more … [Read more...]

Rotorooter to the Rescue

Hey friends, how are you doing? We're a bit busy lately because my parents are currently visiting us here in Las Vegas. Ever since they arrived, we're on the road most of the time as we try to show my mom and dad all the wonderful views and sights here in Las Vegas and nearby places. During one … [Read more...]

How to Make Your Small Kitchen More Efficient

Organizing and making a small kitchen more efficient is a challenge. Because of the limited space, it is important to make sure that we maximize each space in a way that it will be easy for us to find and use whatever we need when doing our chores in the kitchen. Focus on Function When designing … [Read more...]

Life Before The Computer

I saw this earlier today from my Facebook feeds. Just thought that it's worth sharing. Memory was something you lost with age. An application was for employment. A program was a TV show. A cursor used profanity. A keyboard was a piano. A web was a spider's home. A virus was the flu. A hard … [Read more...]

Father and Daughter Bonding Time


Earlier today, I saw this picture of Georyl and her dad that was taken a few months ago. They are playing one of those arcade games at the Excalibur Hotel here in Las Vegas. In the picture, Georyl thought that she's the one driving so, as you can see, she's very serious and determined to win. … [Read more...]