Early Thanksgiving Party

Today, my family and I were invited to an early thanksgiving party. Actually, tomorrow is thanksgiving day but our family friend, Maynard and Leah hosted their party today because they have work tomorrow. Yeah, work's a bugger, ayt? Anyway, we had a good time there and the food was great as well. … [Read more...]

Apple Rendered Ipod Touch 2nd Gen Useless!

ipodtouch 2nd generation black

Apple made the second generation of Ipod Touch (almost) useless and (soon-to-be) obsolete! I remember sharing on this blog how happy I was when hubby gave me an Ipod touch in July 2010. It became my constant companion all these years because I've been using it in reading emails, playing games, … [Read more...]

Get that Game Room Started!

Many people buy a house with an extra room with the intention of doing something great with it at some point. Unfortunately, many of them never get around to doing anything with it. If you have an extra room that you've never actually done anything with, one option for you to consider is to turn it … [Read more...]

Georyl’s Halloween Costume

How was your Halloween celebration? My little Georyl went trick-or-treating with her dad in her fairy costume while Geshery and I stayed at home and waited for the treats! LOL! I'll be sharing some pictures once I already downloaded them from the camera. Right now, I still have to rush because I … [Read more...]

Video Production, Anyone?

I used to post videos of Georyl here on this blog. Actually, if you just check out the link on the navigation bar called this GeeTube, some of the videos I had shared so far. Obviously, I haven't done so lately. If only I can take videos or edit them to make them more professional looking, I could … [Read more...]