Online Help for Students

Recently, my cousin posted this as the status on her Facebook: "Assignments again?!!! Need HELP!" Are your children or somebody you know needs some help with their assignments too? Tutor perhaps? I think today's generation of students are luckier than their predecessors because they could get … [Read more...]

Curious Georyl

blue and gold macaw

Georyl is getting curious with animals and pets. The other day, she was very excited while looking at the fishes in an aquarium at the restaurant where we ate. Today, she had a great time looking at the birds in the bird cages at a pet store that we visited. Actually, hubby and I went to the … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Surprise

Happy valentine's day! How was your valentine's day celebration? Me, I just received a wonderful gift. No, it's not an i pad or any new expensive gadgets. This valentine's day, my husband and I received a wonderful gift: a laboratory test results confirming what I've been thinking for sometime … [Read more...]

Get a Free Ad Just By Guessing

Hello everyone! How's everything? Lately, I've not been feeling well. I feel like a yomega yoyo (actually the term should have been "like in a roller coaster ride" but since it's not as dramatic as the latter, I chose to compare what I felt with a yoyo, wink!). Sometimes I am energetic and on the … [Read more...]

Is It Time To Invest?

Have you heard the news? I've read from Bloomberg that the Federal Reserve plans to keep U.S. interest rates near a record-low (they even pledged to extend near-zero interest rates through mid-2013). That's a great news for investors. People can borrow money at low interest rates and invest in … [Read more...]

Hubby Loves Traveling

tomtom gps

My hubby loves traveling. Last year, we spent a few weeks on the road - driving from state to state. The last time we went driving, we just used our van. Although it's enough for us already, hubby plans to get some RV someday because he intends to travel frequently and make our state to state … [Read more...]