Chasing My Dream: Singing on The Voice

Guess what? I am joining "The Voice." Yes, I'm serious. Oh, before you start congratulating me, let me clarify that I am only joining the iPad game of "The Voice" and not the actual TV show. I already faced the facts that no amount of pop filter mf could ever make Shakira, Usher, Adam Levine … [Read more...]

Back to Chatting on YM

Mom and Dad are back to their home now after a few months of vacation here with my family. To ensure that their travel back home is pleasurable, we told them to leave behind their bulky baggage. We will just send it through a door-to-door courier. After all, we have not yet procured the heavy- … [Read more...]

Planning a Short Sale? Do It Now!

Do you owe more than what your home is worth? If your property is underwater and you are experiencing hardships such as reduced income or unemployment, divorce, death in the family, bankruptcy or medical emergencies, now is the best time to consider a short sale. Whether you are planning a San … [Read more...]

Online Marketing Works!

Owning a rental property has been my dream ever since I had read Robert Kiyosaki's book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad. It is a great way to earn passive income and increase one's net worth. When hubby and I started investing in rental properties, I had learned that the greatest loss for rental investors is … [Read more...]

Summer Vacation Plans

Have you heard of Orchid Island Golf and Beach Club? I learned about it recently while doing a Google search for tourist spots in the east coast. We are planning to travel again this year and I'm looking for places we could pass by during our planned coast-to-coast drive. When I did my online … [Read more...]

Saving With CFL

As a mother who is responsible for family’s budgeting, I am always in search for ways to maximize my savings and save bucks for monthly bills such as water, electric and communication expenses. Speaking of electric bills, I had learned that there are various ways to save on one’s electric bills. … [Read more...]

Perfect Gift for Father’s Day

Do you agree that with the entire labor, hardships and sacrifices every father does for the family, it is very important to give him something that will make him happy? Since Father’s Day is almost around the corner, plan now on what to give on this very special day for him. If you are still … [Read more...]