Getting Ready for a Week Long Getaway

Spring is almost through. By June 21, summer will officially start on this part of the world. Before the scorching heat of the sun maakes it impossible to enjoy the outdoors, our family will be spending a week-long outing again to enjoy the remaining days of spring. Last year, we went camping in … [Read more...]

Making Your Bedroom Into a Relaxing Retreat


If you're a mom, your day-to-day life is probably filled with chatter, laughter, crying, mess, and the general chaos that just comes with having kids. Often the only time we moms have to ourselves is after our kids are in bed. We head to our bedrooms to read a book, watch a favorite TV program, or … [Read more...]

3 Easy Steps in Using the Kaiku

kaiku debit card

The Kaiku prepaid Visa card provides users with the convenience, peace of mind and world-wide acceptance that comes with a Visa card coupled with positive controls to help you manage your money. Much more than just gift cards, these reloadable debit cards allow you to access your paycheck by direct … [Read more...]

Invest in a Water Filter

Water is so important to everything in life. It is used for cooking, cleaning, bathing, and, of course, drinking. Today's world is one where pollution is a real concern, and society simply can't trust tap water and normal sources like they once could. Never at any time has water filtration … [Read more...]

Just Some Thoughts on Toyota

Among the reasons why I like being a stay at home mom is the fact that I do not worry about how to travel to and from the workplace. Since my husband and I are both retired from work, we can manage to schedule our appointments so that he can drive us wherever we need to go. Our Toyota Sienna XLE van … [Read more...]

Personalized Gifts for Babies and Kids

Are you tired of looking for a perfect gift for kids? Why not try some personalized baby gifts There are many things that you can personalize to give as gifts for babies. There are shirts, blankets or bags where you can have the name of the baby printed or embroidered on it. You can also try a … [Read more...]