Almost Ready for Our June Vacation

I like June. In some parts of the world, especially in the Philippines where I am originally from, it's the start of the school year. Here in the US, it's summer break. Although I still do not have kids who are of school age, my sister in law does and it is during summer that we usually do our out … [Read more...]

LED Lighting, Anyone?

For more than 30 years, ZappoBZ has been a leading wholesale manufacturer of dramatic lighting effects and specialty fixtures. The company designs and produces both stock and custom displays for a wide variety of clients. The beautiful LED curtain is one of its premier products providing … [Read more...]

Time Clocks in the Workplace

Rarely will a factory or warehouse, a store or office avoid the buddy-system misuse of registering the arrival or departure of an employee by someone else. Estimates tag business loss in the hundreds of thousands of dollars annually from “buddy-punching” at unmonitored time clocks. Because of that … [Read more...]

Diamond Rings

Do you agree that whether seated in silver, white gold or rose gold, diamond rings always draw the eye? Some of the most popular diamond rings are the cushion cut halo engagement rings like those available at The 14kt gold, 18 kt gold or the platinum is a perfect metal to showcase … [Read more...]

Baby Showers

By tradition, baby showers are usually hosted only for the first baby to usher the parents into parenthood. Proper etiquette also recommends that the baby shower be hosted by other people other than the expectant parents (or it will look like you're begging for gifts). I had baby showers during … [Read more...]

Executive Office Desks, Anyone?

Bob McCormick and Associates, Inc. is an office furniture dealership in Atlanta. Bob McCormick himself lends his over 25 years of furniture industry experience to his corporation's goal to help businesses and institutions of all sizes with their office needs. Bob and his team work closely with … [Read more...]

Have You Tried Borrowing Online?

Everyone goes through a period of time when they experience money issues. If you don't have anywhere else to turn, why don't you try the online pay day cash advance from A payday loan is only a few clicks away. Applying for your loan is fast and easy. All you have to do is … [Read more...]

American Flags

Do you know that even though the American flag can be displayed on all days, there are particular days when it should be flown? Among those days are the following: New Year's Day, January 1 Inauguration Day, January 20 Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday, third Monday in January Lincoln's … [Read more...]