Father and Daughter Bonding Time


Earlier today, I saw this picture of Georyl and her dad that was taken a few months ago. They are playing one of those arcade games at the Excalibur Hotel here in Las Vegas. In the picture, Georyl thought that she's the one driving so, as you can see, she's very serious and determined to win. … [Read more...]

My Hubby Still Hates Shaving


Have you seen my recent post “Badger Shaving Brush for Hubby”? Well, if you have not read it yet, I mentioned there that I gave hubby a badger shaving brush (actually, the whole shaving kit) during our latest anniversary celebration. Why? Because he hates shaving and I was hoping that with a new … [Read more...]

Our Tempurpedic Bed

tempurpedic bed

Have you heard this quote? "Always buy a good pair of shoes and a good bed as if you aren't in one, you are in the other." The quote above is from Ms. Gloria Hunniford. It is the one that hubby used to convince me that we needed to buy a tempurpedic bed (and I use the same quotation everytime I … [Read more...]

Badger Shaving Brush for Hubby

Do you hate shaving or know someone who does? Well, I have a special someone who hates shaving his facial hair: my hubby. Now, what do you give someone who hates shaving? Recently, my hubby and I celebrated our wedding anniversary and I gave him one of those badger shaving brushes as a gift. … [Read more...]