My Biker Dad

biker and nature

I was checking on my Facebook feeds earlier and I saw this image among my Dad's Facebook photos: My father started joining a group of mountain bikers about two years ago and he's loving it! Aside from the health benefits of biking, it helps him unwind and explore nature too. My parents live … [Read more...]

Start of Christmas Rush

While some people already completed their gift shopping (or almost done) at this time of the year, I still haven't started on my Christmas shopping list. Yes, with less than two weeks before Christmas, I still haven't bought anything for the people I am planning to give gifts this Christmas … [Read more...]

Free Blogger Opportunity: Awesome 2013 NeuYear Calendar Giveaway

free blogger opportunity giveaway

GEORYL will be hosting the Awesome 2013 NeuYear Calendar Giveaway on December 17 to 31, 2012. Bloggers are invited to co-host this giveaway on their blogs in exchange for a Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest link on the Rafflecopter. As a co-host, you need to post the giveaway code/mechanics on your … [Read more...]

Georyl and Geshery

georyl and geshery

It's been a while since I promised that I'll be posting some pics of Geshery soon but I got lazy to download the pics from our camera. Yeah, I know it will just take a few minutes or so to do that but, well, I'm lazy. :p Anyway, it was good that my mom already shared the pictures that were taken … [Read more...]