A Step Closer to Having a New Home

our new home

How are you guys doing lately? Hope everything is going well. I am very excited right now because after weeks of house-hunting and submitting offers for houses, a seller finally accepted one of our dozens of offers. Each day is now getting us one step closer to our new home. Last Friday, we … [Read more...]

Just Some Random Thoughts

Spring is great but as the days pass by swiftly, we know that the scorching heat of the sun during summer is just around the corner. In summer, we experience an astronomical increase in our electric bills because of the AC is always on. I wish we could upgrade our windows to those triple-pane … [Read more...]

Heartbreaking House Search

What a heartbreak! These past few weeks, we have been busy looking for a home. I cannot anymore remember how many houses we checked out already or how many times we tended our offer to buy various properties here in Las Vegas. For example, just for today, we visited three houses and prepared … [Read more...]

Wishing for Green This Spring

It's spring time and I can't wait to start on my garden. I am actually excited but apprehensive right now. I planted some seeds in a seed box this past weekend and I am waiting for those little seedlings to sprout anytime. I hope to see many greens soon! I love gardening but this is the first … [Read more...]

I Love Our Chevy Car

When I saw the ad on chevy cars for sale Wheeling IL online, I needed to to do a double take. One of the cars looks exactly like our car which is a sixth generation Chevy Monte Carlo. General Motors used to produce the two-door coupe, Chevrolet Monte Carlo. This model was introduced to the market … [Read more...]

Are You Scared of the Dentist?

Do dentists make you anxious? I have a friend who went to a Salt Lake City Dentist early this week. My! She was very anxious that she practically tweeted every single thing that she did from the time she left home, when she arrived at the dental clinic, got prepped by the dental assistant, … [Read more...]

Aunt L’s Visit

bellagio hotel visit

Do you experience looking at a picture and not remembering having that certain shot taken? Well, that's exactly what happened to me when I saw this picture earlier today while I was browsing through the photos saved in our computer: The photo was taken at the Bellagio Hotel during my … [Read more...]

Chasing My Dream: Singing on The Voice

Guess what? I am joining "The Voice." Yes, I'm serious. Oh, before you start congratulating me, let me clarify that I am only joining the iPad game of "The Voice" and not the actual TV show. I already faced the facts that no amount of pop filter mf could ever make Shakira, Usher, Adam Levine … [Read more...]