Badger Shaving Brush for Hubby

Do you hate shaving or know someone who does? Well, I have a special someone who hates shaving his facial hair: my hubby. Now, what do you give someone who hates shaving? Recently, my hubby and I celebrated our wedding anniversary and I gave him one of those badger shaving brushes as a gift. … [Read more...]

Taking Care of My Long Hair

I haven't shared any picture of me recently here on my blog so most of you probably don't know that I now have long hair - upto my waistline, to be specific. I admit that my recent pregnany helped me grow healthier and longer hair. According to studies, hormonal changes during pregnancy causes … [Read more...]

My Music-Lover Mom

woman playing guitar

When my mom arrived from the Philippines last year, the original plan was for her to go home before Christmas so she can still celebrate the holidays in the Philippines. However, I had some health complications so we asked her to extend her stay with us for a few months. My mom is a music lover … [Read more...]