Was Back to the Hospital

Just some updates... Less than a week after giving birth via CS, I was again admitted at the hospital because my gestational hypertension was getting out of hand. I had BP readings of 180/110+s and I had to undergo some treatment to bring my blood pressure down to manageable levels. After my … [Read more...]


I finally gave birth to another cutie princess but it was via CS and not VBAC as I intended. I developed gestational hypertension and the doctors said that it will be more beneficial for the baby to be out soon via cesarean operation since my womb is no longer a safe place for her and the risks are … [Read more...]

Another Child, Another Blog?

Some of you probably know that this site's domain name is also my daughter's name. As the due date for my second pregnancy gets closer, I'm also pondering on getting the domain name for the name that we're planning to pick for our second child. It's still a combination of my husband's name and mine … [Read more...]

Updates on My Pregnancy

Yesterday, I had my prenatal check-up again. My blood pressure was a bit high so today, I have to go back again to the clinic/hospital for further tests (like urine and blood tests). During my first pregnancy, my blood pressure also shot up during the last few weeks of my pregnancy. With this … [Read more...]

Still Waiting

It's gonna be a waiting game for us now as I'm nearing my due date. Today, I had a pre-natal check-up again. Unlike my previous appointments that started on time, today I waited for about 30 minutes at the clinic (but I enjoyed looking at the wall aquarium at the clinic so it was just … [Read more...]