Bathing Our Newborn

We finally gave baby Geshery her first bath yesterday after her umbilical cord's stump already fell off. Honestly, until now, I'm still a bit scared of holding such fragile little babies so hubby took charge of giving our daughter a bath while I just took a video. Of course, there's a very excited … [Read more...]

My Erratic BP

I'm so glad that my blood pressure is becoming stable right now. When I went to the follow-up check up to have my BP checked last weekend, I was so anxious that I might be admitted again because the first reading was 131/94 then it became 138/96. During those times, I was just alone in the room … [Read more...]

Was Back to the Hospital

Just some updates... Less than a week after giving birth via CS, I was again admitted at the hospital because my gestational hypertension was getting out of hand. I had BP readings of 180/110+s and I had to undergo some treatment to bring my blood pressure down to manageable levels. After my … [Read more...]


I finally gave birth to another cutie princess but it was via CS and not VBAC as I intended. I developed gestational hypertension and the doctors said that it will be more beneficial for the baby to be out soon via cesarean operation since my womb is no longer a safe place for her and the risks are … [Read more...]