Last Song Syndrome with Georyl

baby and toddler singing

Are there times when you "suffer" the last song syndrome? It's like listening to a song, having it stick in your head, and finding yourself subconsciously singing or humming it for a while - way after you heard it. I find my little Georyl to be very susceptible to the last song syndrome. In the … [Read more...]

New Blog Design for Our Family Blog

family picture

Surprise! underwent another blog design change for the nth time! From the time this blog started in April 2010, I cannot recall anymore how many times I had changed my site's design, not to mention the shifts to-and-fro three premium Wordpress themes (Thesis Theme, Headway Themes and … [Read more...]

An Infographic on Military Spouses

infographic on military spouse benefits

Do you know that much of the $300 million military/veteran related scholarships that are available each year remain unclaimed? This came as a surprise to me considering 38% of military spouses are unemployed. These statistics that I am sharing are from an interesting infographic from Vista College … [Read more...]

Lawyers in the USA

lawyers in usa

Do you know that there are different kinds of lawyers? It's like the field of medicine where the doctors have their own fields of specialty. For example, there are lawyers specializing in maritime personal injury, family law, aviation law, bankruptcy, medical malpractice, business law and … [Read more...]

Designing Ecommerce Websites

In the new economy, it is difficult to imagine a world without ecommerce or web design. Ecommerce has significantly developed over the past few years, and it has transformed from the simple inclusion of cart software to the use of an entire web design strategy dedicated to improving … [Read more...]