Cute Costume Choices for Kiddie Parties

Babies can be so adorable and they look even more delightful when dressed up like a movie character or with matching clothes like their parents. Seeing mother and daughter tandems wearing the same dress on a weekend day out or during Sunday service can easily turn people’s head. This is probably why … [Read more...]

Random Thoughts on Spring

Do you know that spring is just around the corner? Spring 2013 will officially start on March 20 but the weather here in Las Vegas is starting to get warmer. Today, for the first time since late last year, we used our car's air conditioning unit. I can already envision our heater saying, "Thanks! At … [Read more...]

Our Busy Weekend

baby georyl and lola/grandma

How was your weekend? I had a great time last weekend! It was the first time since last year that I was able to have a break from taking care of the kids (but will talk about that later in this post). We were actually planning to have a picnic in the park last Saturday but it was so windy that … [Read more...]

Finding Help via Handybook

Have you checked the calendar today? Well, I needed to do a double take but, yes, it's indeed the last week of the second month of the year. Does time have wings? A few weeks before 2012 ended, I was already planning to buy a new Besta TV storage combination from Ikea. Two months swiftly passed … [Read more...]