Room Decoration Trick for Small Spaces

When most people look at the layout of a room to arrange their furniture, they see it in a perpendicular orientation that treats the room like a rectangle or a square, or in other words, like a great big box. This is a very natural orientation, and is often what seems to be intended by the … [Read more...]

Our June 2013 Camping Adventure

campsite at the Wishon Bass Lake

Isn't it great to have some bonding moments with your family, relatives and friends in some far away place, away from all the hustle and bustle of the city and the worries of the workplace? Recently, we went to California and spent almost a week camping at the Wishon Bass Lake with our friends … [Read more...]

Our Backyard

backyard with artificial grass

The past few weeks had been quite hectic for us. We transferred to a single family home after living for about over a year in one of the units of the fourplex that we purchased in 2011. Before we can settle and transfer all our stuff to the new house, we went on a one week camping adventure in … [Read more...]

Funny Pic of the Week

seen on the road: mustang with towel

My friend saw this Mustang with a towel on the spoiler and shared it on his Facebook profile. With his permission, I'm sharing this funny pic with you. Spoilers are great spots to hang your towel dry until you forget to take them off! - A. Fruylan" … [Read more...]

Backup Cameras for Trucks

The biggest blind spot on any truck or van is the rear of the vehicle and trying to view everything surrounding the rear of the car can be nearly impossible. has backup cameras for trucks so that drivers can backup and parallel park with confidence. The site offers various … [Read more...]

Safekeeping Your Valuables

Year after year, there has been an increase in the number of wildfires across the world. Whether it is in the amount or intensity, there is no denying that wildfires are indeed an issue for homeowners everywhere. Without any warning, a wildfire can rage across a community and everything of value … [Read more...]

We’re Back Home

Look who's back from a week-long vacation! Yes, my family and I are back from our vacation in California. We spent a week camping at the Wishon Bass Lake. We also visited the Yosemite National Park and drove by The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco before our almost eleven hour trip home to Las … [Read more...]

Right Clothes for the Ride

When it comes to riding like a boss hog, the ride is only half of the game. If you are not riding in the right clothes, you will not get the respect that you are looking for from the people that you are looking for. When it comes to leather motorcycle jackets for men, the experts at Luxury Lane … [Read more...]