Safekeeping Your Valuables

Year after year, there has been an increase in the number of wildfires across the world. Whether it is in the amount or intensity, there is no denying that wildfires are indeed an issue for homeowners everywhere. Without any warning, a wildfire can rage across a community and everything of value … [Read more...]

We’re Back Home

Look who's back from a week-long vacation! Yes, my family and I are back from our vacation in California. We spent a week camping at the Wishon Bass Lake. We also visited the Yosemite National Park and drove by The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco before our almost eleven hour trip home to Las … [Read more...]

Right Clothes for the Ride

When it comes to riding like a boss hog, the ride is only half of the game. If you are not riding in the right clothes, you will not get the respect that you are looking for from the people that you are looking for. When it comes to leather motorcycle jackets for men, the experts at Luxury Lane … [Read more...]

Something About Construction Mats

Do you love blog hopping? Well, I do. Internet surfing, blog hopping, web browsing - whatever you call it - it usually takes much of my time. Sometimes, I completely forget time when I'm blog hopping. Anyway, I recently came a blog that mentioned about construction mats. I got curious and made a … [Read more...]

Almost Ready for Our June Vacation

I like June. In some parts of the world, especially in the Philippines where I am originally from, it's the start of the school year. Here in the US, it's summer break. Although I still do not have kids who are of school age, my sister in law does and it is during summer that we usually do our out … [Read more...]

LED Lighting, Anyone?

For more than 30 years, ZappoBZ has been a leading wholesale manufacturer of dramatic lighting effects and specialty fixtures. The company designs and produces both stock and custom displays for a wide variety of clients. The beautiful LED curtain is one of its premier products providing … [Read more...]

Time Clocks in the Workplace

Rarely will a factory or warehouse, a store or office avoid the buddy-system misuse of registering the arrival or departure of an employee by someone else. Estimates tag business loss in the hundreds of thousands of dollars annually from “buddy-punching” at unmonitored time clocks. Because of that … [Read more...]

Diamond Rings

Do you agree that whether seated in silver, white gold or rose gold, diamond rings always draw the eye? Some of the most popular diamond rings are the cushion cut halo engagement rings like those available at The 14kt gold, 18 kt gold or the platinum is a perfect metal to showcase … [Read more...]