Preparing Your Toddler for the Excitement of Christmas

christmas and toddler

The holidays are an exciting time for everyone, but this time of year is particularly special for small children. With proper planning and a little creativity, you can ensure that the holiday season is enjoyable and low stress for your entire family. Creating Family Traditions Family … [Read more...]

Get Well Soon Olive!

knee walker or knee scooter

I like Facebook because it connects you with people (or at least your FB friends) all over the world. Had it not for an FB picture of my friend, Olive, using a Roll-A-Bout knee walker I wouldn't have known that she broke her ankle. Speaking of knee walker, have you seen one? It is also called a … [Read more...]

Get that Game Room Started!

Many people buy a house with an extra room with the intention of doing something great with it at some point. Unfortunately, many of them never get around to doing anything with it. If you have an extra room that you've never actually done anything with, one option for you to consider is to turn it … [Read more...]