Valentine’s Day Gift Idea: Zubie

valentine's day gift

This post brought to you by Zubie. All opinions are 100% mine. Are you looking for a gift this Valentine’s day? Clothes, accessories, sweets, books and gadgets are great but why not try Zubie this year for a change? Zubie is a car service that uses a cellular connection to keep you, … [Read more...]

Hey, Wazzup?

dirty carpet mess

Wow, I can't believe that this is my first blog post for 2014! Oh boy! Time really flies so swiftly. Anyway, belated happy new year everyone! How was the start of your year? Have you broken your new year's resolutions already? Grin. Speaking of New Year’s resolution, do you know that a part of … [Read more...]

Stay Healthy!

There is nothing better than getting outside and getting exercise. One of the best ways to get exercise is to ride a bike or take a long walk in the park. If there are no parks close to you or it is freezing cold outside like it is at this time of the year in this part of the world, it is possible … [Read more...]

How to Find Budget Friendly Furniture


Furniture can be an expensive investment for any family. Whether you are moving into your first home or you just want to change the look and feel of your home, getting new furniture can achieve the look and atmosphere you want in your home. If you are looking for affordable options, there are many … [Read more...]