Looking for Homes for Sale?

A friend of mine asked me where she can find help in looking for homes for sale. She recently got a job near the Las Vegas strip and she wanted to relocate in the area instead of driving daily from northwest Las Vegas. When we started looking for homes for sale a few years back, our first realtor … [Read more...]

Geshery Likes to Play Tennis Too

geshery baby playing tennis

I am so glad that my babies are sports minded (unlike me). At a young age, my little ones showed interest in their dad’s favorite sport and pastime, tennis. In the past, I shared a video about Georyl’s tennis lessons. Well, can you guess who wants to follow her footsteps? Her little sister who … [Read more...]

Last Song Syndrome with Georyl

baby and toddler singing

Are there times when you "suffer" the last song syndrome? It's like listening to a song, having it stick in your head, and finding yourself subconsciously singing or humming it for a while - way after you heard it. I find my little Georyl to be very susceptible to the last song syndrome. In the … [Read more...]

New Blog Design for Our Family Blog

family picture

Surprise! Georyl.com underwent another blog design change for the nth time! From the time this blog started in April 2010, I cannot recall anymore how many times I had changed my site's design, not to mention the shifts to-and-fro three premium Wordpress themes (Thesis Theme, Headway Themes and … [Read more...]