The Writer’s Life

How's your weekend? Hope everything's well. I recently had a chat with my blogger friend who is now establishing her career as a copywriter. Like me, English is not her first language so she underwent some training to enhance her writing skills. She's doing great financially and she has inspired … [Read more...]

So Busy!

My parents who were here on vacation are back in the Philippines now. Their travel home was so unforgettable, thanks to Philippine Airlines (or is it no thanks?)! I'll just share the long story in my next post because right now, I'm a bit overwhelmed by all the homekeeping tasks that I need to do. I … [Read more...]

Security Systems for Your Home

As a homeowner, I believe that a home security system is a must. It doesn't matter whether it is Security Systems Oklahoma City or one in Las Vegas, in New York or in Houston, a homeowner should invest in a good security system. Why should you invest in home security systems for your home? Keeping … [Read more...]

Senior Living in Henderson, Nevada

While waiting at the pharmacy in the Mike Callaghan Federal Hospital here in Las Vegas, my husband and I had a chance to chat with a couple who currently live in a senior living Henderson Nevada facility. They were surprised at how adept Georyl was while playing with the iPad. They cannot believe … [Read more...]

Focusing on Chargeback Management

Do you often check your credit card statements? You should. Late last year, I noticed that there was a charge on my credit card for hotel accommodation in California. Since I didn't use my credit card for that (and I was in Las Vegas during those times), I immediately notified my credit card … [Read more...]