Book Review: God Gave Us Christmas

God Gave Us Christmas by Lisa Tawn Bergren

God Gave Us Christmas is a good book. I love the colorful illustrations by David Hohn. I agree with the message of the author, Lisa Tawn Bergren, that God is everywhere and I like the fact that the book mentions that Christmas was not invented by Santa and that God is more important than … [Read more...]

A Birthday Card for Daddy

toddler birthday card for father

"The first true love any girl has is her father. No one will ever replace him as the love of her life." (Unknown) Georyl recently surpised her father with her hand-drawn birthday card (although it was not actually a surprise because she told her dad that she made a card for him the day before … [Read more...]

The Fruit Towers

toddler with lego

Don't you love it when your little kid gets creative? I was doing a Google search the other day when Georyl saw a picture of the Eiffel Tower and asked me about it. At first, she laughed at me because she thought I said "Apple Tower" and she imagined a tower of apples. I showed her pictures of … [Read more...]

What to Look For In Furniture

pink furniture

Maybe you are looking for furniture for the local library. Maybe you are trying to pull together some military housing quarters. Then again, you could be looking to outfit a dorm room. Either way, it is important to make sure that you have found the best options before you hit that click here button … [Read more...]