The Fruit Towers

toddler with lego

Don't you love it when your little kid gets creative? I was doing a Google search the other day when Georyl saw a picture of the Eiffel Tower and asked me about it. At first, she laughed at me because she thought I said "Apple Tower" and she imagined a tower of apples. I showed her pictures of … [Read more...]

What to Look For In Furniture

pink furniture

Maybe you are looking for furniture for the local library. Maybe you are trying to pull together some military housing quarters. Then again, you could be looking to outfit a dorm room. Either way, it is important to make sure that you have found the best options before you hit that click here button … [Read more...]

Helping The Community Through Charity

Charity is something that is far too uncommon in the world today; with more and more people struggling to get by. As the financial sector of world markets has consistently fallen over the past decade, more and more people find themselves needing assistance. There are many different causes and … [Read more...]

Book Review: The Founder’s Key – Deep, Insightful but Requires Lots of Brainpower

the founders key

This review of the book, “The Founder’s Key: The Divine Connection Between the Declaration and the Constitution and What We Risk by Losing It” is long overdue. I am not talking about weeks or months here but years! Book Details The Founder’s Key is written by Dr. Larry P. Arnn, the twelfth … [Read more...]