Creating a Garage Workshop

Creating a garage workshop is one of the best ways to take advantage of the family garage. The family workshop is the place where the artisans in the family can do work that they do not do at their regular jobs. However, the garage is a place where the family must also park cars. Creating a workshop … [Read more...]

My Baby’s Dollar Guitar

toy guitar

Ah, the joy of childhood! My youngest daughter, Gesh, recently found a toy guitar from the 99Cents Store. It was love at first sight and she refused to leave the store without her precious one-dollar guitar. Whenever I play our (real) guitar at home, Gesh would try to pull (instead of … [Read more...]

Book Review: Along Came You

Along Came You is a board book that was written by Karona Drummond and illustrated by Estelle Corke. It was written from a perspective of a mother who tells her daughter what changed in her life after her daughter was born. The color scheme used and illustrations in the book imply that the author … [Read more...]