Our Garage Sale Find: Barbie Guitar

barbie guitarIt’s been a while (and with that I meant years) since we last went to a garage sale. Last month, our neighbor had a garage sale and Georyl found this little guitar which they were selling for just $2:

Although the Barbie guitar that we bought didn’t come with the headset microphone anymore, Page and Amanda (our neighbors) gave Georyl a Dora DVD too.

I already know that it’s a steal but I just found out that a new one costs $99.97 at Amazon. Whew, it’s not as expensive as a moog sub phatty but still, we’re happy to get it for a small fraction of the prize.

How about you? What are your recent garage sale finds? Care to share in the comments section?


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    Great find there mommy! I haven’t been to any garage sale lately :). I would love some kitchen stuff or the usual kikay stuff for me.

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    sometimes I wish I live in the US or in another country where GARAGE SALE are really on SALE. dito kasi sa Pinas, kahit garage sale, mahal pa din :D

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    Great find! I’m not lucky with garage sales, but mother in law is a pro at it. Toys are really expensive, I wish I could find something like this for my daughter. Her old guitar toy is broken.

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    It’s always awesome to find good stuff in garage sales. :D I don’t often go to garage sales, but I live in the Ukay-Ukay capital of the Philippines, hehe so I do know how it feels like to have an awesome find. :D