How the Internet Helped Us Save in Plumbing Costs

As a landlord, one of the calls that you dread on a Friday night is one from your tenant about a problem in your property. Why? Because first, it’s in the evening and second, it’s a weekend.

The irony, however, is that one of our tenants complained of their toilet backup problem at past 7 o’clock in the evening. We tried calling different plumbing companies but they will be charging us extra because either it’s a weekend rate, an overtime night rate, an emergency service or a combination of the three. It’s a good thing that our tenant agreed that we’re just going to fix the problem first thing in the morning.

Because of our experience with Yes! Air Conditioning & Plumbing before (they are super expensive! but we knew less then), hubby looked online for plumbers, made a list and cross-checked them with the Better Business Bureau site. He read reviews such as the Homeserve USA rating as well.

While reading a review, my hubby saw a comment about how one can fix their toilet backup problem the DIY way. Curious, he spent the rest of the night checking out articles and videos of online tutorials on that topic and before we turned in at night, he said that he’s going to fix the plumbing problem himself.

The next day, hubby rented an easy rooter from Home Depot plumbing equipment rental for $69 (and you can have it for as long as four hours). In less than 30 minutes, the backup problem was cleared and he said that he even thoroughly cleaned everything in less than an hour. Wow, to think that the night before, one of the plumbers was charging us $350 per hour on top of their emergency fee.

Thank you internet for helping us save in plumbing cost!