Opting Out of Junk Mails

Are you tired of receiving junk mails? A lot of people, including myself, think that those are just a waste of money and resources. Although it’s easy to throw those unsolicited ads and letters into the trash bin, I can’t help but imagine all those trees that were cut down just to come up with those piles of leaflets, mails and catalogs that we receive day after day.

If you’re tired of receiving all those unwanted offers in your mailbox such as those from people offering landscaping services, dental clinics representatives, GIO funeral plans marketers and car insurance agents, I have some tips that I want to share with you.

Pre-screened Offers of Credit and Insurance – Go to OptOutPrescreen.com to opt-out from receiving firm offers for five years (electronically through the website) or permanently (by mailing permanent opt-out election form that can be downloaded from their site). This site is the official consumer credit reporting industry website to accept and process requests from consumers to opt-in or opt-out of firm offers of credit and insurance.

Telemarketers – Register your phone number at www.donotcall.gov for free. Another easy way is for you to call 1-888-382-1222 from the phone that you want to register.

Mail and Emails – You can register with the Direct Marketing Association’s (DMA) Mail Preference Service at www.dmachoice.org to opt out of mails and emails from marketers who are using this service.

We already registered with the sites that I mentioned above. Hopefully, we will see a reduction of all those junk mails within 30 days or so.