It is Time for a Dedicated Server?

While planning for my blog anniversary giveaway to be launched next month, I checked out all my blogs and realized that it has been five years already since I started blogging. Do you think it’s time to bring my blogging business to the next level and move to a dedicated server?

A dedicated server, in layman’s term, is renting a single computer from a network of computers of a web hosting company. All the resources of this computer will only be used by you, unlike shared hosting where you share resources with other users. If we are talking about real property investing, dedicated hosting will be like buying a whole subdivision for your exclusive use while shared hosting is buying just a house in that subdivision – you will never know who is living in the other blocks (some of them can be “bad neighbors” and affect your property’s value as well).

Having a dedicated server, however, is expensive. It probably would work if I would venture into the web hosting business or if I already have many sites with high-traffic (and I mean about 35 million of hits daily). Considering the cost of a data server, I also need to make sure that I pick a dependable data server with competent technical support and superb customer service.

Speaking of customer service, I remember the first time that I created a self-hosted WordPress blog. I bought a web hosting account from a popular web hosting company (because it was aggressively advertised) but their customer service was not as good as what they promise it to be. My husband was still assigned in Morocco at that time so calling them for customer support was preposterous so I had to rely on emails that took them forever to reply to. I wished they had a chat service but, unfortunately, they do not offer them.

Anyway, I guess it’s not time for a dedicated server yet. I am hoping that someday, my blogging and internet business will be so successful that I will need one of those dedicated servers.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post however, all thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.