My Renewed Passion For Reading

Have you noticed that I have been sharing more book reviews recently? Well, that’s because one of my not-too-late (started only in February) new year’s resolutions is to read more – books, news articles, magazines – anything that will stimulate my mind, teach me new things and make me become more socially aware or conscious.

Falling into a Routine

It is so easy for a homebody and a stay at home wife and mother like me to fall into a routine of taking care of my family and doing hosehold chores. Lately, my “interesting” activities only included blogging, stalking everybody on Facebook and playing online games. My mental calisthenics consisted of tweaking html and php codes on WordPress blogs.

Renewed Passion for Reading

I realized that this kind of lifestyle is making my mind (and body) stagnant. Thus, my renewed passion to learn new things and do activities that will get me out of my shell.

So lately, I’ve been reading a lot of stuff – from how-to articles to trivial stuff, from Texas last will and testament to Nevada housing market trends, from books to online news and articles.

I somehow missed this hobby (reading) but I know that I am on the right track.