How to Make Your Small Kitchen More Efficient

Organizing and making a small kitchen more efficient is a challenge. Because of the limited space, it is important to make sure that we maximize each space in a way that it will be easy for us to find and use whatever we need when doing our chores in the kitchen.

Focus on Function

When designing your kitchen, always remember the Kitchen Work Triangle. Make sure that the cook top, the sink and the refrigerator are close enough (like a triangle) so that your kitchen will run efficiently.

Use Cabinet Organizers

Using cabinet organizers such as waste containers, wine and stemware racks, lazy susans, sink front tip-out trays, wood pull-outs, drawer organizers and laundry hampers (like those cabinets organizers from ovisonline) will make it easier for you to maximize your small kitchen space and organize all the stuff that you usually use for cooking.

Stackable Bowls, Pots, Pans

Stackable bowls, pots and pans do not only save space, they make your cupboards look more organized. It is also advisable to use pot and pan rack to free up some space in the cabinets (although some homemakers do not really like hanging pots in their kitchens).