Enjoying the Photo Booth

When I saw a picture of my friend with the leaning tower of Pisa on the background in my Facebook feeds, I thought she was in Tuscany in Pisa, Italy. I was actually surprised when she said that it was taken from a photo booth rental Utah. It was the first time that I had seen a photo taken from a photo booth using a backdrop that looked so real. (Oh well, it’s probably because she didn’t use any costume during the photo-shoot; just changed the background.)

I remember the time when we attended a wedding here in Las Vegas late last year. The groom and bride rented a photo booth and said that the entourage and guests could use it as much as they wanted during the reception.

Since I’ve always enjoyed using all those props at photo booths, I was so excited to learn that we could use the photo booth for free. I felt like a giddy little kid who was given lots and lots of candies. The fact that we could have as much pictures as we wanted taken made it more exciting. I guess it was not only me who felt that way, judging from the long queue at the photo booth.

By the way, I kind of regret having only four pictures taken during that time. I wanted to try other costumes and backdrops but the queue was so long that falling in line took longer than the actual picture taking.

Looking back, I think that they were just trying to prevent anybody from hogging the equipment so we were allowed to have only one picture taken per sitting. If one wanted more pictures or to use another costume, she or he needed to fall in line again.

I wanted to show you the photos but we were only given printed copies of the picture that time. I cannot scan them right now so that they can be uploaded online because our scanner here at home is acting up again. (I’m not sure if it’s due to an “operator problem” or it is just high time to replace our scanner). I will probably just edit this post later so that I can share those pictures.

Anyway, when was the last time you had your pictures taken at the photo booth? Did you use costumes? What was the backdrop that you used? Care to share in the comments section below? I would love to read your thoughts.

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  1. Jean says

    I don’t wear costumes at photo booths but I also attended a wedding in Las Vegas last year where they rented one. Do you think it’s the same wedding that you attended to?