Congratulations Ravens!

It’s official. The Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl XLVII, scoring 34 against San Francisco 49ers’ 31.

I am not a football fan, hubby is – and he was rooting for the 49ers over some can of beers and doritos chips along with our family friend, Nathan, earlier today.

I got curious to watch the show after the 34 minute-delay due to power outage because the 49ers started surging and the two guys (hubby and Nathan) started cheering at the living room. From 28-6, the 49ers managed to close the gap to only a difference of 3 at the end of the game.

Too bad that their bet didn’t win but it was a good game and I enjoyed watching it as well.

Have you seen the game? Were you rooting for the Ravens or for the 49ers? Care to share your thoughts? I was able to see only some ads, what were your favorites? Was there an ad for safety knife?

PS. I enjoyed watching Destiny’s Child performance, reminiscing the MTV days. I remember watching that Single Ladies music video on MTV before. LOL! Am I that old? Oh well…