7 Secrets to Beautiful Hair (Without the Need for Frequent Salon Visits)

hair careI have waist-length hair and it is important for me to keep my hair healthy, smooth and strong. Although I use some hair products, like those sold at Devachan Salon, there are still some other steps that I take to keep my hair silky and soft. Now, I am sharing these seven secrets to a beautiful hair with you.

Eat Healthy

Like the rest of our body, our hair and scalp need nutrients in order to remain healthy. Be sure to eat food that contain omega-3, vitamins A and C, protein, biotin, zinc and iron because these nutrients enhance the growth of our hair and nourish it as well. Examples of these foods are salmon, walnuts, sweet potatoes, egg, spinach, lentils, milk, cheese, fatty fish, green leafy vegetables, meat, legumes, shellfish and cereals.

Drink Enough Water

Drinking eight to ten glasses of water daily is not only good for our body but for our hair as well. This will help keep our hair silky and shiny.

Avoid Too Much Heat

Use lukewarm water on your hair when having a shower because hot showers can harm the hair and cause hair fall. Same is true with blow dryers, curling irons and flat irons – these heated tools can damage your hair so avoid using them if possible.

Shampoo Infrequently

Avoid shampooing your hair daily so that you will not strip it of its natural oils. The oil in our hair is not dirt (unless you really have oily hair); it is nature’s way of keeping our scalp moisturized and healthy.

Use the Right Tool: Brush and Comb

Use a wide toothed comb to get tangles and knots out especially when your hair is wet. The hair is weaker when it is wet and using a brush with many bristles through your hair can cause breakage and damage. You should use a brush once your hair is dry and already untangled.

Avoid Using Too Much Chemicals on Your Hair

Chemical hair colors can damage your hair. Try using natural methods and nutrients like henna, honey, argan oil, coconut oil, tea seed oil, jojoba oil and olive oil. You can also prepare your own homemade hair treatments.

Get Regular Haircut

Get a trim every two months (although most hair professionals recommend every six weeks) even if you are growing out your hair. Treat the visit to the hair stylist as a regular check-up for your hair to remove the split-end and prevent further breakage and to ask for advice on how to keep your hair healthy, smooth and strong. (Note: this does not fall under “frequent” salon visits)

Which of the above “secrets” to beautiful hair do you already know and practice? Are there other hair care tips that you can share?

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.