Georyl and Geshery

It’s been a while since I promised that I’ll be posting some pics of Geshery soon but I got lazy to download the pics from our camera. Yeah, I know it will just take a few minutes or so to do that but, well, I’m lazy. :p

Anyway, it was good that my mom already shared the pictures that were taken with her camera on Facebook. Now, all I’ve got to do is to copy that picture and post it here. Convenient, right? LOL!

georyl and geshery

Georyl and Geshery, my two princesses

Finally, a picture! Will definitely share more soon! If only I could find that cord so that I can start downloading those pics to the computer…


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    i’ve been here mommy! Just a quick drop by since feedjit is not reading my visit…..What a cute baby you got in there! she’s getting so big!