Spam Comments – Hate It or Laugh at It!

Every blogger knows that even though they use plug-ins or other software to deter spammers, they just can’t do away with spam comments. Later on, you just got to accept the fact that it’s a way of living in the blogosphere – hate it or laugh at it.

There are times when you really know that spam bots are leaving those unintelligible sentences but when real people post spam comments from sites (not like but usually related to drugs or medicine), you wonder why they even try spending their time doing so.

Any idea?


  1. says

    I’d say delete it. With a WordPress blog I previously had, spams are way too much. But with blogger, I don’t see much. Must be because of what people complain about in leaving comments on blogger blogs – the captcha code. Am glad though that you still come by my blog and leave comments.

  2. says

    i usually delete it but when it seems “valid” but the author’s name is a company or some keyword or phrase, i remove the url.

  3. Tox says

    Some people are hired to manually make comments on blogs that is why they are carrying URLs which can be related to anything like drugs, medicines and other products…