Got a New Header

Sometime last week, I read a blog post from a blogger who advised that bloggers who use their names as blog titles shouldn’t hide. And I thought, it made sense. If you’re gonna use something personal, like in this case the name “GEORYL,” then I might as well show the faces behind the name.

Thus, I came up with a new blog header:

new header of Georyl

our new blog header - a more personalized one!

Thanks to Photoshop (and my waning morning sickness) for making it easier for me to create a header in record time. I made this one in less than an hour. I’m still not that proficient in Photoshop to come up with something more complicated like creating my own vectors of people, houses or model planes but I’m getting the hang of it.

Here’s my new banner as well, lest I forget to share it with you:
georyl's new blog badge

Yes, I’m back to pink motiff for blog color. That’s the girly part of me… wink.

What do you think? Hope you like it.