Sites With Coupons and Deals

What do you usually search when you’re looking for something on the internet?

Well, I usually google for recipes, how-to and other craft ideas, and news articles. But one thing that I can be sort of obsessive of is looking for online deals and coupons on products that I want to buy. I like comparing prices, knowing when there’s a sale and saving on my purchases. A little savings here and there won’t help right?

When I do blog hop and other bloggers talk about sites that offer great deals, I often check them out. Lately I’ve noticed more and more bloggers talking about the site nomorerack and a curious deal snooper like me will always see what’s in store for me on those sites. is more of for members-on-deals kind of site. Well, with all those promo that they are having, I guess it’s justifiable that they aren’t open for the general public but only to registered members. But it’s free to join, if I remember it right. Too bad I can’t try it out myself so that I can share my experience with you guys.

Anyway, seems like babbling again, am I? Care to share with me the sites that usually offer online deals and coupons? I want to check them out.


  1. says

    I used Nomorerack a lot during Christmas. I wish it didn’t take over 30 days to get what you order though. But the prices can’t be beat.

    • says

      nice to hear your feedback Christy. I’ve read a lot about nomorerack but it’s the first time that someone shared a first hand experience.

      thanks and regards!

  2. Melissa says

    I love nomorerack! Shop all the time there.
    Some orders take longer, and some come quicker.. All depends!