Do You Approve of Divorce?

Recently, I chatted with a dear friend who’s currently living in Albany via Facebook. I learned that she and her husband recently divorced. The Albany divorce attorney that she hired made the process easier for them. Although it was a bad news, somehow it’s still good to know that they don’t have children out of their marriage because if not, she probably be battling for the custody of the children and hiring an Albany Child Custody Lawyer right now.

I don’t approve of divorce. For me, marriage is a sacred vow. Divorce makes it easier for couples to disregard their vows on the slightest problem. I understand that most divorced couples have some irreconcilable differences or some – even deeper and major problems and these are the reasons for the divorce. But that’s exactly my point: if there’s no divorce, people will be more responsible in making decisions especially in selecting a mate. People will find the need to be financially, spiritually, physically, intellectually prepared before entering marriage because they’ll know that it’s gonna be a lifelong thing.

Some people don’t give importance to marriage anymore. I’ve read of celebrities who get married in the morning then divorce before the day ends. They are setting a bad example to their fans and followers.

What are your views on divorce? Do you agree with it?


  1. says

    No one gets married to become miserable…constant effort and God’s blessings are needed to sustain the relationship through ups and downs. May God bless your marriage too so you may follow our “marriage of 33 years which is still going stronger through thick and thin “. We love you GEORYL- George and Sheryl, from Papa and Mama.

  2. says

    I also do not approve of divorce. All your points are my points too exactly.

    Divorce offers an easy way out. And the prospect of an easy way out if problems eventually arise makes would-be-couples take marriage for granted. They enter into it lightly, which should not be the case.
    And when the time comes when they are having troubles, given a choice between the hard way (let’s work this out – really, really try to work this out, find some middle ground, a compromise…) and the relatively easier way (oh forget this crap! let’s go our separate ways!!), which one would they likely choose?

    Here in our country, they are trying to push through a bill to legalize divorce. But while they do have some valid points, I still do not think it is the right solution.
    As of now, there is legal separation and annulment here (that’s another topic, but anyway…) One argument I heard for legalization of divorce is that it is too difficult and expensive to pursue either of these, so they want divorce legalized to make it easier…
    Pfffft. I do not think it is right to make separation ‘easier’ to get. If anything, it should be made more difficult so that the couples will be forced to try to work out their problems…

    They are looking for the solution at the wrong end. It would be better if efforts are directed towards counselling and support, both before and during marriage, education, teaching of good values to the young, respect, etc…

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    I like to keep what is declared in the bible and during wedding ceremonies “What God has joined together, let man not separate.” Of course, there are many who have no regard for this. But as a Christian, I would like to keep this true to my marriage.

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    very well said sis..if there’s no divorce, both parties will make effort to settle problems.. differences to live harmoniously

  5. Russ says

    I believe that they make it too easy for a divorce. Especially in the USA. However sometimes a divorce is necessary if you want to live. No normal person goes into a marriage wanting to get divorced later on. (Can’t count movie stars) Sometimes things change. I have a friend who was married for twenty eight years. Her husband kept her as kind of a slave. No car and etc. He would come home drunk every night and beat her. He broke many of her bones.Her doctor finally told her to move out, or he was going to file charges against her husband. I could go on and on , but I won’t. Every case needs to be judged differently. Thanks for letting me vent.

  6. says totoo lang sis..hati din ako sa usaping ito..hehehe..
    tough la pa naman akong na-experience or whatsoever no kasi hindi pa naman ako married..i agree also with Russ..
    agree din ako sa lahat ng points mo..
    kaya siguro afraid din ako to get married kasi dapat din for keeps.. GOD’s time siguro..i will do everything to really keep my marriage if ever..

  7. NicKy says

    It might shock you amegah but I do favor Divorce. Realistically speaking, there are so many couples who got married thinking it was the best thing to do coz the girl got pregnant, or they thought they were ready or they had this “so in love, lets get married” feeling. Only to find out that it was the worst decision they ever made and by some circumstances, after doing everything they can to save the marriage , realized that it’s impossible if the decision would come from only one of the parties. I have high admiration for couples who really made it through thick and thin like our parents , our married relatives and friends. But there are lots of women, and maybe some men, who are abused, either physically or emotionally by their partners, which can greatly affect their psychological wellness and sense of self worthiness. In my own opinion, these people deserve to have a chance of being happy again, either as single or with someone else. I agree with you fully that Marriage indeed is a major decision and no one should be in it if they are not prepared. Well, if your partner, in the end, treats you like a punching bag, I have doubts if that union is really under God’s blessings or God’s way of saying “You should have listened to me, now you learn your lesson, I give you another chance, just be wiser this time” :)