Sister Sister WHO!?

Has anybody else been watching that Tia and Tamera show? You know the girls that used to star in that corny sitcom Sister Sister, well they have their own reality show now and it’s totally fascinating.

I got satellite tv family channels last month and it comes on Style or something like that and there’s only been one season so it was really easy for me to catch up on all the older episodes. The thing is that they’re both turned into really great young ladies and the show features one of them getting married while the other is about to have a baby and it’s just too interesting.

I’ve always been really interested by the twin dynamic and they seem to have a really good and complicated one so that really draws me in, too. It’s just refreshing to see pseudo celebrities living normal lives and not really out partying all night long and fighting with each other. I think I’ll watch it next season, too!