I Like To Move It!

Baby Gee’s favorite song at the moment (and also my entry to this week’s Music Monday) is this song from the movie Madagascar. I love it when she dances and sings in her own words because instead of singing “I like to move it, move it!” she sings “I love mommy, mommy!” So sweet!!!

At 22 months, Baby Gee already knows how to turn on the DVD player and insert her favorite DVDs (Madagascar 1, Merry Madagascar and Madagascar 2) – after turning on the TV, of course. She learned how to open DVD cases and to remove and return DVDs into them a long time ago.

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    Aw so sweet ni Baby Ge. For sure she looks cute while singing along with this song. Magaling na palang mag movie marathon si baby Ge ha hehehe. Nice pick for music monday She. Haist, It’s been months na yata since I last played music monday.

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      I kept telling her that it’s “I like to move it, move it,” but she kept on changing the words. Well, it sounded better and sweeter that way so I just let her be.

      BBG’s quite a techie Chie. she already knows how to use the ipod (watch videos or play her favorite games) even before she turned 1 year old. i didn’t teach her but she saw me swiping and touching the screen and followed me. Now she acts like she’s the ipod’s owner, not me. huhuhu!

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      i don’t mind her using the DVD mona as long as she leaves my ipod alone. it’s her dad that can’t watch his favorite sports channels when BBG’s in her movie marathon mode.

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    Aba! At future singer din pala si Baby Gee! Awesome choice for this week, She.

    May you enjoy the rest of the week!

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    cool love this song… i want to move it move it ♫♫♫
    wow at 22 months old he can now play the DVD all by herself… cool
    thanks for sharing and Happy MM

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    “I like to move it, move it, like to move it” lol…para tuloy ang sarap sumayaw..galing mo Baby Gee.

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    Great song/movie choice! And does it frighten anyone else how quickly little kids learn to use electronics compared with how slowly someone like me learns to use them?