Precious Moments Storybook Bible by Sam Butcher

Precious Moments Storybook BibleI’ve always been fascinated by Precious Moments products so when I saw the Precious Moments Storybook Bible as one of the books available for review at Booksneeze, I immediately grabbed the chance to get a copy of it in exchange for an honest review here at GEORYL.

True enough, I was satisfied with this book. The art work and illustrations were entertaining and they held my daughter’s interest while we are reading the various Bible stories. She can’t read yet but it’s encouraging to see that she excitedly turns the pages on her own while I read and tell her the story. I’m sure she will appreciate reading this book when she gets to learn how to read someday because of its large and readable text which is great for beginners. There are also section for children’s songs or hymns, special prayers and a presentation section with family tree – which make the book more interesting for children.

I wish I received it sooner for it to be a Christmas present but still, it really doesn’t matter at all. It’s a perfect gift toddlers and children who love to read not only at Christmas but for birthdays and other occasions as well. You don’t even need a special occasion just to get this book, it’s worth buying any day of the week.

Ratings: 5/5


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      she’s still under medication but feeling better. thanks for asking sis. she still has runny nose but no fever anymore.

      the other thing that adds to her discomfort lately is the fact that she’s teething. she’s more than 16 months already but she only has 4 teeth till now. i can see five of them cutting through her gums right now that’s why she’s really grumpy and uncomfortable.

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    Hi sis, dropping by here.. hahaha.. cute kasi sila timeless innocence… love them too. buti nalang di mahirap basahin si captcha hehehe.