I (Almost) Blog For Free – Thanks Adgitize!

Georyl.Com is a WordPress blog that utilizes www.GoDaddy.com hosting. A month’s web hosting costs me about $4.99 but as an adgitize publisher, it’s like I almost blog for free. Adgitize helps me defray my blog hosting costs.

If you’re not familiar with Adgitize, please check out my right-most sidebar. The third ad slot from the top (right after Project Wonderful and Entrecard widgets) is an Adgitize widget that publishers, like me, place on their blogs. Publishers earn a certain number of points based on the number of clicks made on the widget and the daily page views of their respective blogs. We also earn points by publishing articles daily on our blogs and clicking on 100 ads on other blogs’ adgitize widgets. By the end of the day, these points are used by Adgitize to compute our daily publisher’s earnings.

Everyday, I earn $0.15 as long as I publish a post and visit 100 blogs. That’s not hard to do since I am a SAHWM who’s online almost all day. Besides, I came up with my once-controversial Adgitool so that I could do my adgitizing rounds faster. I could earn at most $4.65 per month (like in July where there were 31 days) and this helps me a lot to defray my web hosting expenses.

What I like about Adgitize is that you get paid via paypal whenever you reach the payment threshold of $10. You don’t need to request for anything and you won’t be charged any service fee. Ken Brown and Paypal will just surprise you with an email informing you of some additional funds in your account. Ain’t that cool?

Being an Adgitize publisher will not make you rich but if you blog hop a lot and post daily, you might as well get paid while doing those things that you enjoy. If you’re interested, why not join Adgitize now? See you there!

Adgitize your web site.

Update (February 28, 2013): Adgitize is already closed. In addition, this blog is not anymore hosted at GoDaddy but has transferred already to Hostgator.


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    have you tried advertising? you’ll earn more if you’ll advertise and traffic on your site will tremendously increase. 😉

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    such a newbie me! i just advertised on adgitize and never blog hopped and click ads! lol! now im gonna click on those adgitize ads.

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    came here to visit G…:)

    I prefer adgitize than EC…kaya bihira na akong mag drop sa EC…ehehehe! at least sa adgitize kumikita tau….:)

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    Adgitize never did anything for me. I took it off my blog this month. I was getting a few cents from them but the past few months it went down to zero. So, they were getting something while I was getting their useless clutter in my sidebar.

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      i think they gave more weight on clicking ads than just publishing. before, you earn a cent or two just by publishing. lately, it’s not enough.

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      I tried it before. If earnings is what you’re after, its not worth it. You’ll earn below $4 (net). But if you want exposure, then the rebate is just a plus.

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    Good post. Adgitize is the best of its kind. Ken Brown is one of the few that seem genuinely honest. It was that honesty and the fact that he seems to pay attention to what’s happening that convinced me to join Adgitize. I recommend it to everyone.

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      You’re right about it. Adgitize is fraud free too. Not like another site I had joined. I purchased some PPC from them but I noticed the number of visits were never equal to the ones I paid.

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    hi Gee, yes try advertising and you will earn more and more traffic, you will also need to click 51 ads a day. Last month I earned $16.30 less $14 for advertising that gives me a change of $2.30 net. :)

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    Adgitize hasn’t generated anything but a penny or two per day for me. At that rate, it will take 3 years before I hit the minimum payout. I think paid advertisers get a better point return than blog publishers, but I’m prosperous enough yet to spend $14 per month to advertise on Adgitize. I’ve gotten a nice visitor boost from EC, and met some great fellow bloggers. Have you considered CMF ads?

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      i’m also a publisher at CMF but I don’t really earn from it. the “tax” is too high then you get charged for paypal too.

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    Never had adg. explained quite like that before. I thought you had to pay for it, when I checked it out a long time ago. Have they changed? .15 a day to visit 100 blogs; man that’s like negative on an hourly rate. With your tool are you likely to get banned the way those that um cheating the system with EC?
    How do you have that much time as a stay at home Mom, would think you’d be busy taking care of the kiddo’s.
    You could blog for free with blogger, wouldn’t that be easier?

    ?? you’ve got me curious bout this.

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      Hi Sandy. I’m not recommending it as an online income source but if you’re fond of blog hopping, you’ll get something from it. Albeit small but better than nothing or a virtual card. $0.15 for 100 sites is always better than 300EC for 300 sites. Wink!

      As for the tool, no, it’s not about cheating. If you check it out, you’ll see that it’s just a list of sites that feature their adgitize ads on easy to find places saving you time.

      Please check out http://thetwitterer.blogspot.com/2010/04/my-first-blog-disappeared-like-bubbles.html. I don’t want to go through that again that’s why I’d rather have a paid hosting.

      I still have a less than a year old baby and I currently live in a country where I don’t know the language (arabic and french). Basically I stay home all day and the internet is just my only gateway to the rest of the world.

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    whew, I am a newbie in Adgitize and I am loving it :) I am seeing my money’s worth everyday by advertising and by making a blog post :)